Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

Life has been crazy… so finding the time to share my photos on my blog has been challenging. But my blog just passed its two-year anniversary, so I figured it was a great opportunity to get back on track. Plus, the weekly Daily Post photo challenge for this week is Shadowed. Another online weekly photo challenge I follow (photochallenge.org) gave us the assignment to capture “Numbers: 10 and Under.” I decided to combine the two photo challenges to see what I could come up with. All it took was two rolls of tape, a flat white surface, a flash and my ever-dependable Canon 60D.

Figure Eight in Shadow

Canon 60D | 22mm | f/8.0 | 1/250 | ISO 100 | RAW

If you accepted one or both of the above photo challenges, share a link to your photo in the comments below. I always enjoy seeing how others have captured a photo challenge.

~ signed, Carltonaut

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