Carlton family beach new hampshire travel
Enjoying a day at the beach during a family trip to New Hampshire to visit my mom.

I have been trying my hand at photography for more than half my life, starting with point-and-shoots as a teenager and gravitating into SLRs and DSLRs as technology evolved. Through all the years, my favorite things to photograph are landscapes, the night sky and macro. For the past few years, I’ve become passionate about photographing temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Check out and participate in my project, Temples and Testimonies). I shoot Canon and enjoy going a round or two in the Canon v. Nikon debate!

I am married to an amazing woman who is willing to brave a snowstorm in Bryce Canyon National Park or pull an all-night road trip to be in a prime location to watch the total solar eclipse. Together, we have five kids, and while we enjoy going on couples adventures, it’s also great to take them on travel adventures and share my passion for photography with them.

By day I work as a public relations manager in the healthcare industry and LOVE the people I get to meet who are beating the odds, advancing medical technologies, saving lives, and helping people live the healthiest lives possible. I am a storyteller, whether through video, photo or written word. I’ve even been quoted on ESPN.com… but it wasn’t because of my jump shot! I may not be a surgeon, but I’ve played one on TV. Seriously! Check it out – I’m the surgeon in the second room. I try to stay behind the news cameras, because if I get caught on camera in a news story, I have to buy ice cream for all my colleagues. Ouch!

By night I play chauffeur (at least on Wednesday and Thursday nights) to get my kids to soccer or flag football practice, Young Mens, scouts, and Activity Days, in addition to helping them complete all of their homework. Spending time with my wife and kids, taking a quick trip to a National Park or an LDS temple to capture some photos, or getting together with my brothers for a guys night of food, board games, video games and movies are some of the things I do for fun.

Je parle français! (Translation: I speak French) In fact, I spent two years living in southern France and enjoyed every minute of it… well, maybe not EVERY minute of it. I will say that Bacon is my friend. <— You may have to ask me to explain that one!

I completed a Masters at the University of Utah, so when it comes to the U v. BYU rivalry, I bleed red. And while I enjoy attending sporting events and competing with some friends in a NCAA March Madness bracket, I don’t really follow teams or players (which means I often lose March Madness).

When it comes to photography, it’s a hobby that I would like to transition into a second income. My family plans to backpack through Europe in a few years, so we have converted our 5-gallon water jug into a coin-saving jar, but we have a long way to go. If you are interested in purchasing a photo or a digital download, or have questions about me, you are welcome to send me an email. You can reach me at jasonmcarlton@hotmail.com.

You are welcome to check out my online portfolio for a larger scope of my photos, and I invite comments and feedback that will help me take my photography to the next level.

– signed, Carltonaut (Jason Carlton)

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