Grabbing the moon

The other day as I headed out the door to work, I saw the Wolf Moon in the morning sky. After loading stuff into my car, I pulled my camera out, grabbed the best zoom lens I had (EF 55-200mm, 1:4.5-5.6) and snapped a photo.

As is always challenging with the moon, the contrast between the dark sky and the bright moon didn’t allow the details of the moon to show. I went into the camera to adjust the Exposure level, taking it down to a -3. I snapped another shot and saw the detail I was looking for.

Rather than photographing just the moon, I felt it needed something else in the shot. My neighbors across the street have a large tree in their yard, which I felt would offer than other element. So after positioning the moon just right, I snapped a few photos and headed off to work.

Wolf Moon in the morning

Later, when I checked out the photo, the moon looked like a floating orb; almost out of place in the photo. But I felt that is what gave it the intrigue to make it interesting. In the upcoming weeks, and depending on any cloud cover or haze in the valley, I’m going to try photographing the moon as it transitions between phases. If there are any that stand out as different or interesting, I’ll be sure to share.

~signed Carltonaut

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