One of my all-time favorites

I have taken many photos in my years, but this is one of my all-time favorites.

IMG_5301 r2

I would start by asking a simple question: Do you know where this photo was taken? Even though I obviously know where I took the photo, I still get a sort-of European sense in how the photo looks. Maybe something from England or northern Europe? Alas, no. It was taken one very early, cold, snowy morning at the Layton, Utah, Frontrunner train station.

The commute to Salt Lake had been hampered with snow and I didn’t want to risk the delays of sitting in traffic all morning trying to get to work. So I headed to the train station and while walking down the platform, I thought this setting would make for a great photo. I was lucky to have an unsuspecting woman carrying an umbrella walk into the frame. But rather than waiting for her to pass, I snapped off a couple of photos.

Later, when I checked out the photo a little more (or at least on a bigger screen than what I saw on my Canon Digital Rebel XT), I really liked what I saw. In fact, I shared in on Popular Photography’s Facebook page and they selected it as a Photo of the Day last January. I was jumping for joy when I saw they had selected my photo.

I guess it is moments like these where carrying my camera with me wherever I go actually pays off. Ninety-five percent of the time I carry it without taking a single photo. But the 5% like this makes it all worth it – sore shoulder and all.

~signed, Carltonaut

8 Replies to “One of my all-time favorites”

  1. It’s fantastic!

    Yes, it does pay to lug your camera vertually everywhere. Most days you get nothing, and then, one day you get some of the best shots of your life. Sometimes it’s even only one good shot but it’s definitely a winner.

  2. This post has really inspired me. Although I won’t start now (I don’t want to carry a camera around with me to classes) in the summer I really want to try to take my camera around with me more. I love this picture. I’ve always wanted to take a great night shot like this. One of my photojournalism projects later in the year is a night shoot so hopefully something good will come of it! I love your blog. And the name. 🙂

    1. Thanks. It was really just luck that I captured it, but having my camera with me all the time helped, too. Good luck with your photojournalism class and I’m glad you like my blog.

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