Funny Friday Photographs

I never thought that I would have a series of photographs that included these poseable bendy guys and a joke card, but I do. About six months ago, I started taking these weekly photos and posting them to the Facebook page for Primary Children’s Medical Center (the hospital I work at). Here is the one I took yesterday.

012012 Funny Friday

I try to be as creative as possible, or to find some sort of setting or prop to include in the photo that coincides with the joke, or at least the punchline. You can check out the series on the hospitals Flickr account.

I originally tried to find a little Yoda or other Star Wars character to include in this photo, but didn’t have one available. So I went to the top of the parking structure and set up this shot.

I used the AV setting and as large an aperture as my lens would allow (roughly 3.5) so I could try to blur out the background to help the poseable guy stand out. Since the guy was standing on the ground, I had to essentially set the camera on the ground, so I was glad my Canon 60D had a moveable display so I could set up my shot without laying my head on the ground too.

I really enjoy trying to be creative with these photos, not only for the joke to make sense, but for the photograph to be something that catches the audience’s attention. Oh, and the punchline for this joke… a Toy-Yoda! lol

~signed, Carltonaut

7 Replies to “Funny Friday Photographs”

  1. You know what’s cool? That wheel to the right of the card TOTALLY looks like the face and hand of the Emperor!!! Just sayin’ 🙂

    1. I didn’t notice that at first, but the wheel does have the image of a face for sure. Thanks for pointing it out. lol

  2. Pitter-Patter. Goes my heart. Oh, my. I am in love! (I also dig the series idea.) Bravo! Theadora

  3. So cute! I’m sure these make the children smile. Keep up the fun photos. 🙂

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