The mark of a Disney princess

If you’ve ever been to a Disney theme park, then you may have photos similar to the one I am sharing today. But the look on my son’s face is priceless, even though he was probably too young to realize it. My older son would have been mortified to have a lipstick mark on his face from a Disney princess, but not this guy.

Dazed from a kiss

After going with this sister to visit the Disney princesses near Toon Town at the Walt Disney World Resort, I had to wait with him and our stroller while my wife and other kids went on a roller coaster. He sat down near this fence and started eating some potato chips. I whipped out the camera, initially to try and capture my young daughter on her first real roller coaster ride, but while waiting, I turned and snapped this shot of my boy. It ended up being one of my favorites from the entire trip, and I am sure it will end up in his wedding video a couple decades from now.

~signed, Carltonaut

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