CTE Weekly Photo Challenge – J is for Jump

Originally, I wanted to get some shots of my oldest son jumping to shoot a basketball into our new hoop we bought a couple weeks ago. But when that didn’t work out, and my older son was sick in bed tonight, I asked my younger son if he wanted to jump off the ottoman and let me take a few shots.

He agreed, and we got some great shots. Here’s my favorite, but you can check out some of the outtakes on my Facebook page photo album.

031012 CTE Jump photo

Canon 60D | 18-135 lens | 1/60 | f 4.0 | ISO 800

My wife was a little embarrassed about the laundry in the background, and I am sure no one would have noticed it unless I pointed it out… so I guess the cat is out of the bag on that one. Oh well.

~signed, Carltonaut

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