Fishing boats in the Old Port

I lived in downtown Marseille for three months back in 1999. It’s a very old city, founded in 600 BC. I know this because there is a stone etched with that date on the inner-most part of Vieux Port (Old Port), just before heading up the Cannebiere and further in to this massive city.

Still not familiar with Marseille? Have you read The Count of Monte Cristo? The opening scene is Dantes’ boat, the Pharaon, returning to Vieux Port in the shadow of Notre Dame de la Garde, after rounding Chateau D’If, which sits less than 2 miles from the port’s entrance.

I spent a lot of time walking near the port, talking with folks from all walks of life and cultures. So when my wife and I went back to Marseille so I could show her the sights a few years later, I had to show Vieux Port to her. Here is one of the many sights we saw during a late-afternoon stroll along the east side of the port.

Vieux Port

I don’t have any details on the camera settings, but still thought it would be a fun travel photo to share. I would love to get back to France as a tourist and take the time to savor not only southern France once again, but do so with my family.

~signed, Carltonaut

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