CTE Weekly Photo Challenge – K is for Knife

I originally wanted to try some neat camera effects with my son (or daughter) kicking a soccer ball. The word Kick was going to represent K for this week’s CTE photo challenge. But time got the better of me, and I settled on photographing a knife.

CTE Photo Challenge - K is for Knife

Canon 60D | 50mm lens | 1/100 | f/1.8 | ISO 400

I didn’t want to do just I knife. I feel like I am using my 50mm lens on too many photos since starting my blog. I was planning to cut some tomatoes for hamburgers tonight and thought I would pause long enough to take a photo of a sliced tomato and the biggest knife we had.

I tried making the focal point the tip of the knife, but I didn’t like the look it yielded. I tried focusing on the tomato at various angles, but again… not the look I was going for. I ended up liking the photo shared in this post because the tomato and center of the knife are in focus, with everything else blurred.

And by the way, the hamburgers were great!

~signed, Carltonaut

2 Replies to “CTE Weekly Photo Challenge – K is for Knife”

  1. This makes me want to work. Cutting tomatoes is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the kitchen! Great picture. I love how the simplest things in life can become so eye catching.

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