Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

When I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge topic for this week, I was determined to capture it while on vacation. So when we swung by the pool, I whipped out my GoPro and shot some underwater shots. The two subjects in this photo come from one person – my 3-year-old son’s two feet.

041412 Two Feet in the Pool

GoPro | 11mp photo setting | 1 photo every two seconds

I simply set the camera to take a photo every two seconds, then followed my son walking through a shallow area of the pool. He was clueless about me taking photos, so I guess this is more of a candid shot!

~signed, Carltonaut

2 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects”

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like my photos. I have fun taking them, and I’m glad I set up a blog so I could actually share them beyond my computer’s hard drive.

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