Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

I usually don’t capture the photo challenge so quickly once it’s announced, but yesterday was a beautiful sunny day at work. When I got back to Intermountain Medical Center from a lunch meeting, I figured the sun and building would make a great composition, so I set up the shot.

However, I know that photographing the sun can cause havoc on proper lighting in a photo, so I figured I would go for the HDR setup again. I leaned up against my car so the camera would be still enough to grab three identical images, then processed it using Photomatix Essentials. I was really pleased with the outcome.

042012 Sun at IMC - HDR

Canon 60D | 18-135mm lens | 1/640 | f/14 | ISO 100 | HDR
Exposure Compensation -2 | 1/1250 | f/20
Exposure Compensation +2 | 1/320 | f/10

Is it bad for a camera sensor to be exposed to directly to the sun? I’ve seen many photos of the sun, but if it can ruin a camera sensor by doing it, I think I’ll avoid it in the future. I know that astronauts on the moon had to be careful, because pointing their camera at the sun from the moon, or even space, could fry a sensor. But, I guess there is no atmosphere on the moon, so…

~signed, Carltonaut

8 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun”

  1. It’s definitely something that shouldn’y be done often. A testament to the continued robustness of analogue photography. The makers of digital cameras still have their work cut out for them on this.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your photo of the Sun. I always enjoy checking out everyone else’s interpretation of the challenge. Happy shooting.

    1. I’m not sure the validity of that myth – I’ve never tested it or asked a professional, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to be a little careful when photographing the sun. 🙂

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