CTE Weekly Photo Challenge: R is for Ride

This isn’t a great photo, but I look at it as the calm before the storm. This is the ride that is going to take my wife and I to Maui in a few moments (yes, I am writing this blog post while sitting in the SEA-TAC airport). We’re celebrating 10 years of marriage. Can you believe she’s put up with me for that long! She’s amazing!

Once we arrive, I am sure to be taking a lot of photos. They won’t all be shared during the trip – only when I have wifi and want to take the time out of my vacation to write a post or share a photo.

050412 R is for Ride

I invite you to follow me on Flickr, as I may have more success at adding the best photos to Flickr, and then when I return, I will try to write a little more about the photos, how I shot them, my thoughts behind them and the camera settings for any desired effects.

I’ll probably be uploading video to my YouTube channel, too, but I haven’t used that channel is so long, that I’ll need to look at it a little further before providing a link.

Between my GoPro (and numerous mounts and an extra battery pack) and my Canon 60D (plus my tripod, multiple lenses, Speedlite 430 EXII flash, monopod and multiple camera cards) I am bound to take A LOT of photos. Be ready!

~signed, Carltonaut

2 Replies to “CTE Weekly Photo Challenge: R is for Ride”

    1. Thanks for following my Flickr account and blog, and I appreciate all the photos you share, too. Nicely done.

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