My GoPro + Golf Course = Creative Golfing Shots

The other day, a few friends and I were supposed to meet at a local golf course to do a round of nine before work. Two of them were unable to make it last minute, so Marcus and I hit the links.

I brought my GoPro with me, along with my suction cup mount, and off we went. While I grabbed some video footage during some of our adventures (which you can watch here), I also shot some stills. Not just any still, but from the viewpoint of the hole.

061912 Jason golfball

I posted my favorite one above, but here are two others that you can check out. Which one do you like best?

061912 Marcus golfball

061912 Marcus Putt

061912 Golfball n Hole

One of the many nice things about the GoPro is it’s petite size. It allows it to fit in smaller places, get mounted on a wall without being in the way, and be easily carried from place to place. I’m not a salesman for GoPro, but I think it is one of my favorite pieces of camera equipment I have in my repertoire.

~signed, Carltonaut

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