Decisions: Black and white OR color

My last blog post shared a photo of my daughter running along the beach with the low-setting sun. Another photo I shot at that same San Franciscan beach was of my son collecting a few of the bazillion sand dollars that littered the beach. I love the innocence of this photo, too, along with the reflection of my son in the water retreating from the beach.

I am thinking of printing the photo on canvas and hanging it in our home. But I am torn between the black and white version of the photo, or the color version. I really like his blue jacket, but I’m not a fan of the orange color of his face. The black and white kills both of those elements, but still makes it a great photo.

If you were printing this for your home, would you go black and white OR color?


~signed, Carltonaut

3 Replies to “Decisions: Black and white OR color”

  1. I agree, the b&w is beautiful! I do like the blue in his jacket, but for a photo like this, color isn’t necessary (IMHO).

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