A Valentine’s Day Message in a Photo

I usually find myself capturing photos because I think they look cool and I want to share that “coolness” with others. But as I shot this photo on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the only person I was shooting it for was my wife.

I Love You Wedding Rings

For the past eight weeks, my wife has been in a residential treatment program for depression in Houston, Texas. She’s had her ups and downs, and so have I. And even though we are celebrating Valentine’s Day a few states apart, I wanted to capture a message for her using the two symbols we exchanged more than 11 years ago.

My wife may recognize the background I selected for the photo – it’s her wedding dress. While the dress was amazing, it was the presence of my wife in the dress that makes the moment in my mind.

So this Valentine’s Day, I capture this photo for my wife to express to her my love and commitment to our marriage.

~signed, Carltonaut

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