Watch out for the Carlton Posse

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Houston (sans kids) to visit my wife who’s been down there since December. On my way back home, I swung by a gift shop at the airport to grab a little something for my kids, since they were upset that I went to Houston and they didn’t (but at $900 a ticket, it just wasn’t feasible). I found Sheriff badges with my kids’ names on them. I figured they would enjoy the Texan flare of their gift.

When I got home, the kids, as predicted, really liked the star-shaped badges. It helped make them less upset with me, too. 🙂

The following week, I thought it would be fun to swing by Zurchers (our local party supply store) and grab some supplies to help “Cowboy’ify” and “Cowgirl-ify” who kids for a photo shoot. The idea was to capture a photo of my kids and share it with my wife. It was a little bit of a challenge to keep the kids from spilling the beans to my wife, but they kept their lips sealed throughout the whole process.

So honey, if you’re reading this – this photo is for you!

The Carlton Posse

As for the photography side of things, it was fun to use my little photo studio to capture each kid separately, but assure the lighting was the same for each one. Then I used Photoshop to put the three hoodlums in the same photo. The backdrop got a little challenging, so I had to compile two different photos – one of the garage door and the other of a gravel road down the street. I was hoping that would make it look more western.

I was pretty pleased with the final outcome, and while the garage and kid photos were shot with my Canon 60D, the gravel road was shot with my iPhone during a walk with the kids earlier today.

So while I am happy to share the photography elements behind the photo, the purpose was to bring a smile to my wife’s face, knowing that the kids and me love her and hope she knows the Carlton Posse will be there for her and look forward to seeing her in person later this month.

~signed, Carltonaut

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