Capturing memories and some great photos

Last week I celebrated by 33rd birthday. With graying whiskers and growing forehead, I am on the road to getting old. But I don’t let the upcoming baldness keep me from being young. I took my kids to Holdman Studios at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah to make glass flowers.

I had purchased a Living Social deal to make four glass flowers for $56. I was looking to make it a double date with my wife and another couple, but we weren’t able to get that scheduled and the vouchers were quickly expiring. So we scheduled a session and went down ready to make art.

We picked out our colors, though I think my kids picked out much better colors than me. We sat on the bench and waited for the molten ball of glass clinging to the end of a metal rod to come our way so we could shape the ball into a blooming flower. After all that work and excitement, we had to leave them behind so they could slowly cool, so it wasn’t until a few days later that I was able to get down to Lehi to pick them up.

Once I got the kids to bed tonight, I whipped out my camera stuff to snap a few photos of the flowers with a LED backlight and a Speedlight mounted to the camera to help illuminate the glass. In the end, I really liked how the photos turned out – plus it made my rather poor color choices look much better than it does in person. 🙂

Making glass flowers

Anyway, if you live within driving distance of Thanksgiving Point and are looking for a fun family or youth group activity, check out Holdman Studios and click on Glass Flowers to book a session today.

~signed, Carltonaut

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