A winter sunset photograph of the Bountiful Temple

With Utah’s summer temps in the 90s, it is definitely too hot to be playing outside. So I thought I would share a photo I shot in November of last year, with snow on the ground and everything. My purpose in capturing the temple at sunset was to create a photo I could give to my parents as a Christmas present. I wasn’t disappointed at the photos I walked away with, but this one was my favorite for sure. And I’m happy to say that this photo, done as a 16×20″ canvas, now hangs above my parents fireplace in the living room. Guess I’ll have to try and journey to some other temples to capture them at sunset. Now there’s a project I would love.

Photograph of the Bountiful Utah Temple

Canon 60D | 20mm | 1/20 | f/3.5 | ISO 100 | RAW

When I was photographing the temple, I got there a few minutes before sunset, then I just kept walking circles around the temple, grabbing a photo every 20 feet or so. This provided me with a lot of photos to choose from, at various angles and with different lighting. Once the sun went down, I continued shooting a few more photos – until my hands became numb and they were no good to me anymore. I’ve subsequently purchased some simple gloves to wear. I went with the lowest ISO possible so I could have less noise in the photograph. I just used my stock camera lens (18-135), but now that I have a 10-22 mm lens, I think it could open up a whole new look for some temple photographs.

~signed, Carltonaut

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