Inspiring video for breast cancer awareness

I love working in public relations. I love the company I am privileged to work for. Back in my agency days, the clients that I enjoyed working with the most were ones who were working to make the world a better place. Cheesy, I know. But it’s true. If I was working on a campaign for water conservation, ecosystem management, meth use, or prescription drug abuse, I had more fun with it. It was a little harder for me to talk real estate, solar ovens or even doughnuts (though they are delicious). So while planning for a breast cancer event at Intermountain Medical Center, I was honored to be responsible for producing a video that would be used to promote and kick off the event and launch Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Utah.

video creating for the cause artists paintings

The event commissioned 13 prominent female artists in Utah to create a painting that would represent the hope, courage and strength of all those impacted by breast cancer. I was charged with coming up with the video concept for the event – Creating for the Cause – and then making it happen.

Throughout September, I visited the art studio of 12 of the 13 artists to ask them two simple questions, and grab some close up shots of each painting and artist at work. Each artist made my job really hard, because the longer the video, the less it will be watched. After listening to roughly 4-7 minutes of each artist describing her inspiration for the original work of art and the messages she hopes it will convey, my task was to pull the best 30 seconds to use in the video.

My hope is for this video to go far and wide, because the messages of hope, strength and courage can inspire anyone who’s been impacted by breast cancer – patient, spouse, child, grandchild, family, neighbor or friend. So after watching this video, please share it with your audiences so we can all be part of inspiring those who are having a down day.

Check out the 13 original paintings in their entirety on Intermountain Medical Center’s Facebook page – Breast Cancer Awareness.

~signed, Carltonaut

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