A majestic temple in the setting sun

I had 10 minutes to photograph the Brigham City Temple a few months ago. My family was on our way to a family cabin at Bear Lake and we had stopped in the small city to grab some dinner. As dinner wrapped up, I saw the sky and whispy clouds illuminated by the setting sun and asked my family if I could have 10 minutes to photograph the temple. I promised it would be no more than 10 minutes, and they agreed. 

Photo Brigham City Utah Temple sunset

There was no time to waste. I had to get things set up fast, and wait for those moments when no one else was in the frame – which made it challenging for sure, since I didn’t want to intrude on anyone to move out of my shot. Luck would have it that around the eighth minute, my moment of opportunity opened up and I snapped a few frames before the timer went off and we piled back into the car. 

The Brigham City Temple, though smaller than many others, is beautiful and the white walls almost glow to the color of the setting sun. I hope to be able to photograph this temple again in the future. 

~signed, Carltonaut

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