Winter storm clouds around Lone Peak

When I left my office yesterday and saw the clouds hovering around Mount Olympus east of Murray, and while I wanted to take a quick photo, there were no good angles from where I was. I figured by the time I got home, the sun would be down and any opportunity to capture this photo would be lost. To my surprise, I pulled into my neighborhood and there was still enough light for me to capture a photo. I pulled into the garage, almost before the door was completely open, grabbed my camera bag and tripod (both of which were in the car) and did a brisk walk to my spot at the end of my street. I snapped one photo at three different bracket settings so I had some options, and turned around to head back inside.

photograph winter clouds lone peak storm snow

When I opened the photo in Lightroom, I was drawn to the left side of the photo, where the frosty details of the mountain making their way through the clouds. The clouds were too thick on the right side of the photo to catch many details in the mountains, so I guess I have a favorite side of the photo – but the two combined make it a complete landscape photo.

Although the weather is getting pretty chilly here in northern Utah, I love the scenery and with every storm, I keep wondering if I could make it up one of the many nearby canyons to take some additional winter photos of Utah’s amazing landscape.

~signed, Carltonaut

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