Keeping Christ in the Christmas Season

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle of buying and decorating for Christmas. There are so many demands pulling us to get the best deal on the latest and greatest toys or tools. So it’s no wonder that Christ, the real celebration of Christmas, gets forgotten.

photograph Christ status Temple SquareThis Christmas, my wife has been talking about doing random acts of kindness each day in December. She’s said these can be anything from complimenting your sister on doing a great job on a project, to shoveling a neighbor’s driveway. I think my wife is a genius and I look forward to seeing what our entire family is able to do, in an effort to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

So even with all the big sales and busy schedules, I hope everyone can take a moment and think about the real reason we are celebrating.

Here’s to a fabulous Christmas. And if you’re lacking that Christmas spirit this year and are looking for a little something to help, you can always visit Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. My kids enjoyed going there last year, armed with cameras, so we are looking to do the same thing this year.

~signed, Carltonaut

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