The Warmth of Lone Rock at Sunset

photo Lone Rock Lake Powell sunset

My first-ever visit to Lake Powell had to include a sunset boat trip out to photograph Lone Rock – it was the first evening stop of the three-day Utah Photo Workshop. I tracked my way across the rocks and found a great vantage point of the structure before setting up shop. I moved around a little bit, getting right into the water, and standing at a distance to capture the shoreline. As the sun set, I used some of the photo tips learned earlier in the day to capture a few shots at different exposure compensations.

Once we were back on dry land, I did some quick edits in Lightroom, but last night I re-visited the photos and can safely say I have gotten better at post-processing. I really like the lighting of this photo and wonder how I missed it in my first go around. I guess it just proves that you should go back and check out some previous photos to take a second look at them – you never know what diamond you will come away with.

~signed, Carltonaut

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