New York City: The Buildings from a Boat

Last month I was honored to accompany my wife and daughter to New York City. The location was my daughters choice, though she had initially selected Paris, France, for the trip. đŸ™‚

I captured a lot of photos during the trip, but I would have to say this shot of downtown Manhattan is one of my favorites. After taking the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan past the the Statue of Liberty, we got back in line on the other side and headed back to the city. While riding the ferry back, I was capturing the Statue of Liberty through an open window, before catching a glimpse of the approaching cityscape. I put the camera strap around my neck and had to position the camera out the window to avoid getting the side of the ferry into the frame.

Downtown Manhattan Cityscape photo

I loved the trip and have many more photos of the city. I loved the look of Freedom Tower, though it’s a humbling area of New York City to hang out in. I’ll have to share more of my favorite photos in future blog posts.

~signed, Carltonaut

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