UTA’s Trax in downtown Salt Lake

I’ve seen many shots where the moving subject is clear and crisp, and the non-moving objects around it are blurred. Well, this was one of my first attempts to take a photo like that, and I think it turned out better than I thought it would (but it took me a bazillion shots and a lot of time to get this one good shot).

Downtown Trax

This photo was taken a few years ago on the corner of Main Street and South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. I decided that a corner would be best, because as the train makes the turn, I could follow it better than if it was passing in front of me on a straight path. I consider it luck that a pedestrian with a backpack happened to be standing between me and the train, because he made a nice feature of the photo.

I’ve been interested in trying this shot again now that I have a Neutral Density filter (ND4) that would allow me to try a longer exposure. This initial shot was taken on a very cloudy day around high noon, but either early in the morning or later in the day (or even a night shot) may lend itself to a new take on this photo. The trick will be finding the time… or maybe it’s more of “making the time!”

~signed, Carltonaut


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