Weekly CTE Photo Challenge – G is for Game

The CTE photo challenge letter for this week was G. I had a few ideas in mind, but Game is the one I landed on. I thought of games like Candy Land or Scrabble, but for weeks I have been thinking it would be fun to incorporate my son’s Lego Star Wars guys into the photo.

All that said, here is the photo, which I’ve titled, “About to lose.”

About to Lose

Canon 60D | 50mm lens | Manual mode | 1/250 | f4.0| Speedlight 430EX II | ISO 100

Lego hands aren’t the easiest to work with, so I had to use putty in their hands to help hold the cards in place. I also used putty under the winning guy to help him lean just enough to be looking around his card. Balancing the guys was a little tough, too.

You’ll notice that in this photo, titled “About to lose,” the guy who just called UNO is out of focus, thus drawing the eye to the loser. I had another version where the winner was in focus and the loser was out of focus, which would have been titled, “Uno.” But I liked this one better. What do you think?

~signed, Carltonaut

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