Model Train Photography

I have enjoyed taking my kids to the Hostler’s Model Railroad show in Ogden, Utah for the past few years. It’s an opportunity to check out some fascinating layouts, all of which I would never be able to do myself.

They have also hosted a photo contest, which I have enjoyed entering, but never really done well. However, I still keep trying and hope for the best.

Here is one photo I took of an old-time HO Scale locomotive at the show one year, and entered it into the photo contest the following year. The tight shot, combined with a narrow depth of field is what I think made the photo.

Model trains

Maybe I’ll take my two boys to it this year, too. After all, it’s next weekend (March 2-4). If you live near Ogden, Utah and want to check it out, you should.

~signed, Carltonaut

2 Replies to “Model Train Photography”

    1. Thanks. The train show is pretty awesome. We didn’t make it this year (because we went to see Star Wars 3D instead), but I highly recommend the event.

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