Street/Public Photography Contest Voting

Earlier this month I entered my all-time favorite photo into a monthly photo contest coordinated on Static Instants. Voting for the competition ends next Wednesday, so I wanted to take a moment and invite everyone to check out the photos and vote.

February M.C.S. Street/Public Photography.

Simply post a comment listing the number of the photo you think is the best. I’m not asking you to vote for my photo specifically, because I really want people to vote for the photo they like the most for the topic of Street/Public Photography. If it happens to be my photo, great. If not, then I’ll try again next month.

Static Instants is also a great blog to follow, and if you’re interested in entering a photo into the monthly photo contests on the blog, then go for it. It’s fun to compete and challenge yourself to submit your best.

~signed, Carltonaut

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