Breaking the waves at Black Rock

My wife and I had a blast at Black Rock this afternoon. We made the 30 minute stroll from our hotel across the other resort hotels found on Ka’anapali and past Whaler’s Village. I grabbed my GoPro (as usual) and headed into the breaking waves. I set the camera to take a photo every .5 seconds and sat at the point along the beach where the waves were breaking.

I don’t recommend sitting in that spot on the beach for very long. I was thrown into the ground, dragged along the sand, flipped a few times and ended up with sand in every part of my swim suit. In the end, here’s the photo I captured of the breaking waves.

050812 Breaking waves

GoPro | One photo every .5 seconds

From here, we headed over to snorkel, and once again I had my GoPro with me (to my wife’s chagrin). I’ll share some of those photos in a future blog post, but for now, I’ll leave it with this breaking wave on Black Rock – a great place to play in the ocean and snorkel.

~signed, Carltonaut

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