Snorkeler’s view: In and Out of the Water

I’ve tried to get one of those shots where you see in and out of the water in a single shot. Since this is the first real waterproof camera I’ve had, and I can take a bazillion shots without having to pay for developing the film or printing the shots, I figured I would give it a shot the other day while snorkeling in Maui.

I was hoping to see a sea turtle while snorkeling, but no luck during a long swim out and around the rocks at Black Rock. On the way back, after seeing a lot of cool fish, I stopped along the row of rocks to try getting one of these shots.

050812 In Out of Water

GoPro | One photo every .5 seconds

Since there is no viewfinder on my GoPro (until I buy the LCD bakpak), I had to snap a bunch of photos and look at them once I got back to the hotel. I set the camera to take a photo every .5 seconds and held it at the waterline, angled slightly down and let it shoot away. Of the probably 50 photos shot, only about 5 of them were decent, with this one being of the better shots.

After exhausting myself with the long swim back to where my wife was sitting on the beach, I encountered a large group of people swimming around a sea turtle. I was able to grab a little video of it before I couldn’t keep up with it any longer. You can watch the video clip of the sea turtle on my YouTube channel.

After catching the sea turtle, I had to part with my camera or my wife was going to get really upset with me. Every time I was in the water, I was using my GoPro camera. It was time to leave the camera on the beach and just enjoy playing in the water. It was a blast!

~signed, Carltonaut

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