Jumping the Baseball Ladder

I was given a photo assignment for work to grab some shots of a baseball clinic at a local field. However, when I got there and realized they were all minors, I couldn’t take photos of the kids unless I had parental consent, so it threw a big wrench in the works. However, I didn’t let that stop me from grabbing some fun shots that didn’t identify the kids in them.

081712 Baseball Ladder

The trainer, who I was there to shoot, too, got the boys warming up for his agility training by having them hop through the holes in the ladder, both feet together, using the balls of their feet to increase speed and accuracy. While some of them were a little off, some of them did a pretty good job, which allowed me to snap a few photos like the one above.

I had to use a quick shutter speed to get the stop action, and I had to be low enough to actually see the “air” they were getting in their jump. I’m not sure these photos will ever be used in my work setting, I had some fun grabbing a few sports shots.

And now for a shameless plug at the end. If you have a sports photo you would like to enter into TOSH-The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital’s The Sports We Love photo contest, here’s a link. There are a few $25 gift cards and one $100 gift card to Sports Authority up for grabs, so don’t delay.

~signed, Carltonaut

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