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Looking at photos upside down

I will not be held liable for any doctor or chiropractor bills for my readers who injury themselves trying to look at this photo right side up, or upside down. … Continue reading Looking at photos upside down

Jumping the Baseball Ladder

I was given a photo assignment for work to grab some shots of a baseball clinic at a local field. However, when I got there and realized they were all … Continue reading Jumping the Baseball Ladder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

The weekly photo challenge – arranged – offers itself to so many possibilities. At first, I arranged some empty Jones soda bottles and took a dozen photos of them. But … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


I became a counselor for the Space Exploration merit badge about two weeks ago. Last week, we talked about Newton’s Laws and made these Estes Model Rockets. Tonight, we launched … Continue reading 3…2…1…Blast-off!

Capturing the splash

I’ve seen a lot of photos of water splashes and thought, “why don’t I try?” So, here is one of the shots I ended up with after about two hours … Continue reading Capturing the splash

Wet Waterfall in Waterton, Eh?

A few summers ago (which now seems like forever ago), my family went to Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada, with some friends for a week of hiking and kayaking on … Continue reading Wet Waterfall in Waterton, Eh?