Salt even gives a photo some taste

Late last week, I was provided a blog post from a doctor that I was to post to my work’s heart-health related blog. But when I went to our stock photo service to find an image that I could use in conjunction with the blog post, I was coming up short. With a weekend ahead of me, I opted to forgo searching hundreds of salt images and simply capture my own.

Salt falling from a salt shaker

Canon 60D | 100mm Macro Lens | 1/250 | f/22 | ISO 160 | Speedlite 430EX II | RAW

I think this photo will lend itself to adding the copy and hospital logo to the image when I post it into the blog post on Monday.

I had to troubleshoot a few items during the shoot. First, the silver lid of the salt shaker was reflecting the plate I had set on the counter to catch the falling salt. I didn’t like that look, so I simply removed the plate and added a black piece of foam core, which resolved the situation. I also had to set up my LED light below the camera to help illuminate the lid, otherwise the salt seemed to be coming out of nowhere.

Other photos I attempted was salt falling, without the source in the frame, but It didn’t seem to say anything. I also tried the Morton Salt canister, but I didn’t like the look of it as well as I liked the one with the salt shaker.

So, while salt adds some flavor to your food, I hoped to capture the crystals in a flavorful photo.

~signed, Carltonaut

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