Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

There were two things working against me while I was trying to take this photo: a full bladder and a time clock. I made a two-hour drive south to interview some artists for a work project, and on my return trip I stopped along the way to photograph what looked like a house submerged my a large green pond. I wanted to explore the pond from various directions to see what photos I could capture of the submerged building, but my bladder kept reminding me that I needed to find a bathroom soon – and the minutes were ticking away before my afternoon meeting back at work. But I was still pleased with the photo I captured after making my way through some foliage to the edge of the water and carefully holding my camera inches above the surface. This low angle allowed me to capture the light coming in from the partially submerged windows to the south, and see the foliage out the window facing east.

photo inside abandoned flooded house

Canon 60D | 22mm | 1/100 | f/7.1 | ISO 100 | RAW

While I did snap some photos of the outside of the house, I was intrigued by the photos that I captured of the shadows and colors that were inside the house. The green stuff floating on the surface added an interesting element to the photo, but I also thought the lines and shadows from the sun on the outside created an interesting look. Here’s to pulling over in a random spot along the side of the road to capture a few photos. Yes – I would probably have to say I am an opportunist… but my bladder spoke louder and I continued my journey north through Spanish Fork Canyon (to find a restroom) and make it to my meeting.

~signed, Carltonaut

Here’s a wider-view of the flooded home if you want to take a look at it.

photo wide view abandoned flooded homeCanon 60D | 10mm | 1/160 | f/8.0 | ISO 100 | RAW

2 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside”

  1. Magnificent photography! wonderful color.. And what a unique subject! Please check out my blog as well if you have time. Cheers!

  2. I know this house well. It is a relatives house that was abandoned after the mudslide that took out the town of Thistle. So much was destroyed when that mudslide took placed and so many lost everything. Many relatives lived their since it was a railroad town and they worked with the railroad.
    There use to be a memorial just across the street from this house, but it has been vandalized and all the plaques have been stolen so you can’t see all the lives that were lost.

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