Photo of what I’m calling The Watering Tree

I’ve already blogged about the photo of my brother-in-law fishing, but I did spend a few minutes hiking up the other side of the road to see if there was something I could photograph. I snapped a few photos, but found there was no subject. It was just land with clouds. I found a tree that was kind of on its own so I wanted to take a few minutes to photograph that subject.

photo watering tree blue sky

Canon 60D |10mm | 1/200 | f/8 | ISO 160 | RAW

I played with the distance I stood from the tree, the direction I was pointing the camera, and the height above the ground I wanted to hold the camera. I ended up facing NNW, with the sun at about 8 o’clock. I think that angle really helped the blue of the sky standout without needing to use a polarizer filter or a gradient glass filter. That angle also allowed me to have the tree contrasted against the sky as opposed to getting lost in the hillside’s foliage to the west.

I’ll let the reader make their own stories up about why I decided to call it, The Watering Tree. 😉

~signed, Carltonaut

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