The Clueless Ghost of Upper Antelope Canyon

If you read my post, Combat Photography in Upper Antelope Canyon, you may recall how I mentioned it was extremely packed in the narrow slot canyon. Well, our guide was pretty good about directing traffic, but when we all set up to capture some sand falling off a ledge, one clueless tourist unknowingly entered the area of my photo halfway through the exposure. Can you spot him?

Photograph ghost upper antelope canyon

Canon 60D | 18mm | 38″ | f/11 | ISO 11 | RAW

There wasn’t enough time for me to readjust, so I just went with it and figured I would edit him out later. But when I saw that The Daily Post at’s Weekly Photo Challenge topic was Eerie, I went straight to this photo to run it through Lightroom and viola!I guess I got lucky that he stood really still during my 38-second exposure. If you recognize this person, please let me know and I will gladly email him a copy of the photo so he can use it for his scrapbook. 🙂

~signed, Carltonaut

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