Late-summer sunrise at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

My original goal for the morning was to stop by the Provo Utah Temple on my way south, but a few too many snoozes on the alarm clock put me out the door too late to capture the building at sunrise. I altered my plans en route and stopped at the Mt Timpanogos Temple instead. It is a beautiful temple, and the sunrise illuminated it perfectly. The clouds in the sky offered a nice overhead space in the photo, and although I wasn’t at the right angle to capture the rainbow to the north, the skies were beautiful.

photo mount timpanogos temple sunrise

I captured my photos from the east side of the temple, but I think I would have had some great lighting and luck from the west side as well. But that just means I’ll need to go back another time, either at sunrise or sunset to see what I can capture of this beautiful House of the Lord.

~signed, Carltonaut

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