The burning leaves of autumn

There’s an old abandoned building about a block from my house, with vines crawling their way over the brown bricks. As the weather changed from the heat of summer to the coolness of autumn, the leaves went from a vibrant green to a burning red. So how could I not make a quick morning stop to this nearby building to photograph it?

photo burning red leaves autumn fall

Usually I would leave my tripod in the car and grab a few shots from various angles. But my recent excursion to the Lake Powell area has truly brought my photography to another level. So I pulled out the tripod, hooked up the camera, kept it in manual (both settings and focus) and captured a few photos of various settings along the single wall. The whole shoot took less than 10 minutes, then it was off to work.

Just yesterday I glanced at the same wall and all the leaves have fallen and the naked twigs are clinging to the wall, almost blending in to colors of the bricks. So I am glad I captured some photos when there were the amazing colors of autumn. This photo serves as the last reminder of the fall leaves that are ushering in the cold of winter.

~signed, Carltonaut

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