Architectural Photos of LDS Temples

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some LDS temples throughout Utah in the past few months. Two of my more recent photos focused more on the architecture than the whole building, and when done in black and white, I think it made for some interesting architectural photos.

Photo spires Mormon LDS Salt Lake Temple night

I captured the spires of the Salt Lake Temple while I was photographing Temple Square last December with the Photowalking Utah group. I intentionally didn’t capture the Angel Moroni, found on the topmost center spire, because I wanted to focus on the three spires and the numerous shapes and shadows scattered throughout that small area of a much larger and magnificent building.

photo building black and white Draper Utah Temple

About two weeks ago, while trying to capture a photo of the Draper Temple from a distance, and being shafted on that because of high winds, I made it closer to the temple and captured a shot of the diminishing levels the higher the build went, with the final spire leading to the east-facing Angel Moroni. One of the reasons I went with a black and white photo for this one as well, was because there is a blue light on three of the walls, which to me, looked a little off.

Either way, I love the architecture of these buildings, in addition to the opportunity to learn more about my Heavenly Father’s plan and serve my fellow brothers and sisters within its walls.

~signed, Carltonaut

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