Lego Lord of the Rings Valentine’s Day Cards

My son wanted his own Valentine’s Day cards for his fifth-grade class, so he and I worked together to make it happen. I may be biased, but I think they will be the coolest Valentines in his entire elementary school.

Valentine Day Card Love is never late Lego Gandalf walking Lego Hobbit Valentines Day card Loves second breakfast Photo Lego Eragon Valentine card Lego Lord of the Rings Eye Valentines CardIf you are interested in printing some of these up for your own Valentine’s Day Cards, email me at (carltonaut at gmail dot com) and I will email you files for a limited time. Cost for printing rights is $5 for the whole series. (I will send you a digital file of each card – 2up on a 4×6 – that you can send to your local photo print shop)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~signed, Carltonaut

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