Lego Movie Photo in a DIY Lightbox

Last year my kids and I started collecting those single Lego minifigure packs where you don’t know what you’re going to get until you open it. Sure, you can feel the package and guess what configuration of pieces make up the one in the bag, but my kids and I weren’t always right. Recently, in conjunction with the Lego Movie that came out last Friday, they switched those minifigures to ones from the new movie. So, our collection has changed a little, but that’s not a bad thing.

I had to chuckle when my 11-year-old son was hoping to get “Where’s my pants” guy. Last month I ended up getting two of those guys in a row, so why not set up a photo with them together? I caption it, “Dude, there are my pants!”

photo Lego guy minifigure pants movie

But to get this setup, I decided to put together a DIY lightbox so I could have better lighting, fewer shadows, and a nice clean setting. But I thought I would also explain how to build your own DIY lightbox. But rather than walking you through step-by-step, I’m going to share three photos of the lightbox and list the supplies for you to be able to build your own lightbox.

– 1 large box (my box was 15″x15″)
– 1 package of tissue paper
– 1 sheet of white posterboard
– Utility knife
– Duct tape (because every DIY project requires duct tape) LOL

Essentially you cut out most of the two sides and top of the box, then use the duct tape to carefully attach one layer of tissue paper across the holes you just cut out. Then you’ll want to cut off one edge of the poster board to allow it to fit into the box. Use the duct tape to attach the poster board at the top and the bottom, allowing it to curve (not fold).

build DIY lightbox photo setup

I placed my two Speedlight 430EX IIs on each side of the box, one a little higher, the other a little lower. I set my Canon 60D to trigger the two flashes without using the on-camera pop-up flash as a lighting source. Also, I took the photos in the daytime, so the basement was somewhat illuminated by the sun – note that for the actual photos I did turn off the tungsten lights overhead and went with only the day light and flashes to illuminate the minifigures.

And if you haven’t seen the Lego Movie yet, my wife and kids went with a bunch of others from the neighborhood and really loved it. I’ll have to plan a guys night with my boys so I can check it out as well. I’m sure they won’t mind watching it again. 🙂

~signed, Carltonaut

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