The Spooky Lego Eyes are Watching

Nothing like a little Halloween spookiness as the horror-filled holiday approaches.

Photo of spooky Lego minifigure eyes

Canon 60D | 100mm macro lens | 15″ | f/32 | ISO 100

Lego minifigures are not known for a lot of textures and shadows on their faces, so getting the light to help illuminate the facial features wasn’t going to happen. But that little knob on the top was just enough to give the look of a spooky guy. I also think the angry eyes with the large bushy eyebrows added to the look.

After positioning the minifigure and camera, I placed a LED light just below the Lego guy and adjusted its position until the top knob on the head was illuminated. After snapping two or three photos, I was done and headed to the darkroom… I meant Lightroom.

May your Halloween be filled with fun and spookiness!

~signed, Carltonaut

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